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Hey! My Name is

David Thorpe

I'm a

PHP / Web App Freelancer

About Me

I'm a freelance PHP web application developer offering clean, scalable code to clients throughout London and Essex.

I have held positions as CTO, Head of Engineering and Lead Department Unix Server Engineer and am focused on remaining creative and adventurous as I apply my network and experience to help bring valuable, high-impact platforms to fruition.

Personal Information

01268 944049


The roles and experience listed below represent some a mixture of permanent roles and freelance positions optained throughout the last 5 years.

from 2012 to 2013

Freelance Senior PHP Developer

I was commissioned to the development team at Think Finance to help lead the designa and build of the underlying foundations of a new short-term lending product called Sunny. I helped develop a bespoke flat payment system, interest accrual and complex minimum payment algorithms and also developed a customer reward system that gives customers points for making successful payments. The core of the final product relies mainly on the code I was comissioned to write.

Technologies / Processes Used:

MVC PHP (Zend, Laravel)
Procedural PHP (Legacy Code)
SVN Version Control
MySQL / Percona & Arcitechtual Design
Implementation of Memcached Caching Systems
HTML5 and CSS3
Javascript Development ( Vanilla and jQuery )
Conversion of legacy classes to PSR-0
Consultancy of 'coding standards'
Agile (scrum) workflow
Build of new interest payment / billing systems in
Performance orientated development.
Refactoring legacy classes & implementing interfaces & abstract base classes ensuring future extendability.

from 2011 to 2012

Web Development & Systems Manager

At White Stores I was responsible for the running and development of all internal web applications and business tools. I also oversaw the ongoing development of all online portals and presences, including but not limited to: Magento websites, eBay and Amazon listings, all integrated together into a central, stock management system through custom APIs. I oversaw a team of 4 people developing basic HTML / CSS mini-sites, small e-commerce websites and providing internal systems support to all staff. I directed the complete transformation of the systems and web infrastructure of White Stores, moving all internal email systems to Google Apps, centralising stock management with existing e-commerce solutions using complex APIs, implementing both internal and cloud-based backups and Linux based internal workstations.

Languages and technologies that we use and I have taught to my employees include:

MVC PHP (Zend, Laravel, CodeIgniter)
Extensive Magento Experience
Google Adwords and Analytics (inc integration)
Apache2, MySQL and Nginx
HTML5, CSS and pre-processors
Centralled Hosted Git Version Control
JavaScript ( including jQuery, Prototype & MooTools )
ZSH, Unix / Bash / Shell Scripting.

from 2009 to 2011

PHP Developer Operations

Duties included but were not limited to seeing projects through from quote to completion, streamlining the business practices through implementation of an internal company intranet with ongoing feature builds and looking for ways to reduce time spent on repetative internal tasks. I facilitated the switch from bare-basic PHP development to Object Orientated PHP Frameworks such as CodeIgniter which they now use on a day-to-day basis to speed up development of site builds. Additionally I introduced the use of local workstation development and version control through the implementation of a Git workflow and Git deployment using hooks to their development and live servers.

The majority of languages and technology that I used on a daily basis include:

PHP (CodeIgniter, Laravel)
MySQL & Apache
Linux / Unix & Bash / Shell Scripting
CSS (Including LESS / SASS, CSS3) & HTML5
Git Version Control (For Deployment Too)
Javascript ( MooTools & jQuery )

from 2008 to 2009

Unix Systems Administrator

Instrumental in supplying support to over 500 visual effects artists working on major Hollywood blockbuster movies. The role involved the nuturing of over 500 render-farm servers as well as the physical installation of them into a data-centre in Pinewood Studios. I helped train junior staff and helped automate a lot of menial systems tasks through the use of Shell and Python scripts.

What Can I Do

The majority of my experience is with PHP operating mainly in an OS X / Linux environment. Here are a few technologies that I've also had production experience using.

MVC Frameworks

A standard for PHP developers now-days. Experience with Zend Components & CodeIgniter to the newly famed Laravel. My code is very clean and documented.

MySQL / PostgreSQL

The main two database types that I work with. For me, foreign keys, indexes and appropriate naming are a must!


Semantics, CSS Transitions and more! Every project I now work with contains some form of HTML5 & CSS3.

Git / SVN

Production experience with both technologies using both CLI and GUI interfaces (I still prefer Git).


Vanilla JS, jQuery, AngularJS, MooTools and Prototype, I've used them all for plugin development and more.

Developer Operations

My background is in Linux sysadmin. I use Vagrant, Chef and manage my own Linux based web-servers.


I've worked with small agencies, large agencies, multi-national corporations and one-man bands. Below are just some of these clients.

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